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General Contracting-Design & Build & Joint Venture:

CEOS provides personalised services tailored to each customer’s specific needs and budget. These services range from contracting and consultancy, to design, execution and project-based partnerships. Should we become your preferred company, our services, categorised under 4 main groups, shall cover the following disciplines in an integrated way:

• Pre-construction services: include preparation of necessary plans and projects, and preparation and presentation of a preliminary budget. Following customer’s approval of projects and the preliminary budget, our services include preparation of a construction budget, necessary construction schedules and projects.

• Construction services: If only construction services are sought, work includes examining materials and construction details, and ensuring timely completion of the construction works in line with budget and quality requirements; presenting alternative materials and building techniques to customers if required. It also includes recruiting sub-contractors and incorporating their work schedule into the general construction schedule.

• Project and execution services in turnkey works: include assessment of various options in line with customers’ needs to create maximum value.


A comprehensive list of our services are:

Project Services

a. Architectural design and execution projects
b. Interior design and execution projects
c. 3D Modelling
d. Electrical and mechanical design and execution projects

Consultancy Services

a. Project coordination
b. Execution tracking
c. Choice of material and Design-backed consultancy

Turnkey Works

a. Draft projects
b. Preliminary budgets
c. Preliminary proposals
d. Client approvals
e. Construction schedules
f. Designs and project preparation
g. Review and selection of materials
h. Execution projects
i. Land surveys on site delivery
j. Construction works
k. Weekly and monthly reports during construction
l. Establishing an occupational health and safety system on site
m. Establishing quality and control systems
n. “As-built” documentation following completion of works
o. Presenting warranties for all materials and systems used

Sub-contracting Works

a. Project reviews
b. Proposals
c. Construction site processes as defined in turnkey services

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Ceos Construction İnşaat Cemil Soyak, Osman Uysal, Antalya İnşaat, Antalya Construction
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